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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mirror Rubiks - The Mind Destroyer

Mirror Rubiks Cube, God Level Rubiks puzzle

It’s a single colored Rubik’s cube, with a mirror surface and uncommon shape of blocks! You won’t find any ‘cube’ at all in this Rubik’s cube. Perhaps that’s why Brando call it “IQ Blocks”.

While it functions just like a regular Rubik’s Cube, the Rubik’s Mirror Blocks Cube has different sized blocks - which means it gets very distorted very fast. Instead of puzzling out simple colors, you’ll be trying to fight with geometric space, which is great fun. What is also great fun is seeing the look on the faces of others as they fiddle with your cube. Rubik’s Mirror Blocks Cube - the future is here.

  1. Transformed Mirror IQ Blocks – Silver
  2. Left and Right Brain Exercise
  3. Smooth Rotation, Easy to Handle, Light weight
  4. Good for Logical Thingker & Improve both your IQ & EQ
  5. Hints: Tea Break & Retry it
  6. Functions: Left & Right Brain training, IQ & EQ Training, home and office fun
  7. Dimension(approx.): 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm
Actually, they are exactly as they should be: silver and weird. While it functions just like a regular Rubik's Cube, the Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube has different sized blocks - which means it gets very distorted very fast. Instead of puzzling out simple colors, you'll be trying to fight with geometric space, which is great fun. What is also great fun is seeing the look on the faces of others as they fiddle with your cube. Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube - the future is here.

Once you scrambled the position, you will obtain a really weird looking with no similarity at each of the sides. Now this is a real new challenge for cube-solver. Challenger are challenged by shapes instead of color like the traditional Rubik’s Cube.
However, if you choose to use it for desk decoration only, you can still use it as a mirror since the surface can reflect your face pretty well.

Rubik's Mirror Blocks Cube
  • Works just like a regular Rubik's cube, but with different sized (and same colored) cubes, it gets really funky looking really fast.
  • Includes: cube and stand
  • Dimensions: 2.25" cubed (duh)
Rubik's Mirror Blocks, with its exploded segments and weirdly foreshortened grid, looks like the classic cube puzzle gone wrong. It's exactly the same size — at least when solved — but unlike the original, every side is the same color.
At this point, I have three choices.
• Hellraiser joke about solving puzzle boxes and going strait to hell without passing go.
• Personal anecdote about Rubik's cube from the 1980s.
• Praise self for getting through a post about Rubik without using the phrases "mindbending" or "fiendish."
Either way, I'm gonna pull the trigger on this one when they appear here in the west (It's apparently Japan-only right now). Why waste time on the inadvertent puzzles found in gadgets' user interfaces? Here's video:

And watch how to solve this by Takumi Yoshida in 55.47 seconds.

If you are interested to have this stuff, Just visit this site and

Sources: Boingboing, Youtube and HardwareSphere

Friday, December 28, 2007

Is there a Magic inside the Rubiks Cube? (My Experience also)

The Techniques and the Secrets of solving the Rubiks Cubes was not a Magic, that you have currently seen to those professional Magicians that having a different tricks to appear some birds into their genuine magical hat or cut some pieces of paper that after a few seconds it actually back to normal. In Solving a Rubiks cube you need to have more patience in order to understand and memorize the formula or the Algorithm in different Layer and how to apply it in the right position of the cube.

My first Experience in Solving the Rubiks cube is so difficult for me, maybe its because I didnt notice that theres a formula exsist to solve that cube, So I continously solve that cube on my own way and philosophy, but I cant still complete the proper form of that cube when Its already Rumbled. Im happy for my self when I solve the first layer with a right position of the color in approxamately 1 to 2 hours with a Nose Bleed hehe, but when Im going to solve the second and the third Layer, The first Layer was actually destructed by the two Layers until I can't assemble it again, So I decided to bring the cube to my neighbor that was actually a Professional Magician in Cavite. when I give the Rubiks cube to my neighbor I told him to please assemble it and turn back the color in proper position, he tells me that even he is a Professional Magician he can't also do that because theres have a formula that you need to memorize, thats why I discover that theres have no Magic inside a cube. On that time I study some research about the Rubiks cube and I found out that theres have lot of Algorithm that you need to study and memorize some Formulas so that you can solve the cube.
I have a friend that already a Member of the Rubiks cube association here in the Philippines and also he is also a Professional Cubers, he is the one who teach me to solve that cube in a minutes pattern. He teach me the basic moves of each Layer First The cross pattern on the First Layer , Second is the "T" pattern on the second Layer and the Third is where the Algorithm Pattern you will apply on the Third layer. thats why I can Solve already The 3x3 Rubiks Cube like a Piece of Cake nothing Nose Bleed haha..

**To Learn The Basic and Advance Tricks in Rubiks Cubing just visit their Website:

The Rubiks Cube Secrets, History

There are many people who are really curious and amaze to the cube with different SIX colors in SIX dimensional Phase such as White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange with a logical Rotation in every Layer or also known as the Rubik's Cube or Puzzle Cube to how to solve it in just a few minutes or seconds by those Masters or Genius in solving a cube, and why this become more popular nowadays even this was already known as an old game puzzle, but before we tackle the secrets of solving this cube, let we know first the brief History of that amazing cube.

The Brief History of the Cube

In 1974 the first working prototype of a cube was appear into being and a patent application was initially drafted. The inventor's of this cube was named Erno Rubik he was a lecturer at the Department of Interior Design at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts in Budapest. he had a passionate interest in geometry, in the study of 3D forms, in construction and in exploring the hidden possibilities of combination of forms and materials, not just in theory, but also in practice.

he also preferred to communicate his ideas by the use of actual models, made from paper, cardboard, wood or plastic, challenging his students to experiment by manipulating clearly constructed and easily interpreted forms. The placed where the cube was born is in the placed of Budapest the capital of hungary.

The flow of products from Hungary, began in May 1980. As soon as the Cube found its way into the hands of consumers it became evident that the initial order of one million pieces for the first year would not be anywhere near sufficient to meet the growing demand. From the very beginning it was a characteristic of the Cube that no matter how fast production increased, demand grew faster. Contrary to what the leaders of the Toy Industry had expected, for the next two and a half years the problem was not selling Cubes but of supplying them. From 1 million the figures started to grow quickly to 2, to 3, to 5 million and then, in 1981 exploded expontentially. Production centres had to expand from Hungary to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Costa Rica and Brazil, taking up the capacities of many separate factories in each centre.

The difficulty of solving the Cube and the absolute compulsion of trying to solve it generated over 60 books offering desperately needed help. They in turn generated more addicts, displaying with evident pride their newly acquired prowess.
The Only Technique in Solving the Cube is You need to memorize all the Algorithm or Formulas So that You can understand the Flow or the Pattern of the Cube.
**For Complete resources about the History of the Rubiks Cube just visit this Website:

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