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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

HardTime in Finding Jobs

Many people now a days mostly for all graduating students from different outstanding Universities, are really difficult to find a Job.. Because of the Global financial crisis, lots of high flyer company becomes to fell because of that issue. So being a graduating student, the only thing that I can advice is do not stop studying even in your own self and become more dedicated on what you have been finished, always strive to yourself for finding a job, dont waste your time of being worst. Always dedicate your work to your family so that you have an inspiration.. Thats all guys. I hope that those advice will be kept on your mind. Thanks.

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Come Back of The Master Mind..

Hello Everyone Its been a long Time That I did not update and post some Articles here in my blog, its because I'm too busy on my studies and also because of my hectic schedules on my Work.. but now I'm back again, I will post some New ideas, Videos, my Work, Images and Techniques about Technologies or even those Things that you want to Know that are always tickeling in your brighter minds so that you will encourage to visit my blog in every Time you are Surfing the Internet. even I'm a beginner blogger I want also to help you to motivate your mind In some Ideas that you want to Explore with your self.. This Things will happen soon maybe Next year haha... So while you are waiting, Please watch the movies below Gud luck haha...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The firstTime!!

Hi Everyone!!! Is there Anyone out there!!? by the way I'm Kean D. a Computer Science Student in one of the most prestigious University here in the Philippines. this is my first time to post here in this cyberspace world.. so I don't know how to start my first post here and how to make a beautiful blog like the other sites that I have been visit a while ago of some professional BLOGGER'ZZ and I really admire their work.. Thats all for today Bye bye!! Sayonara Tomodachi!!

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