Sunday, October 11, 2009

WINDOW by David Stone

Window by David Stone
This DVD edition of  brings you the new excitement and Tricks specially in doing magic using Card and Window techniques by David Stone and also the slow tutorials using the new technology and Great visual effects.

Card through glass effects cost upward of $300 and usually require complicated setups or bizarre gimmicks. Until now it’s been difficult to gain visual appeal and still keep your wallet full.
The trick plays out in real life exactly like the trailer.  Watch yourself do it in the mirror and rip your eyes out.

There are six routines given in the DVD but you'll come up with your own.
Basically, a selected card penetrates the glass, then changes into a different selected card while that one is behind glass. 

There’s a beautiful gimmick INCLUDED.  The gimmick takes an hour and a half to manufacture but David Stone makes each one himself by hand. *
How hard is WINDOW?  Easier than Tarantula but harder than the Ball & Vase.  You won’t have problems. 

There are several ways to perform the effect.  In the most difficult routine you do a force and a top change.  In the easiest you simply make the card change behind glass.
The reset is instant.

You’ll have a perfect time making your reputation with WINDOW. Order it today.
  • Ultra Visual
  • Instant reset
  • Unlimited Possibilities
  • Hand the card out and leave it with the spectator
  • Training by FISM winner David Stone
  • 6 Complete routines
  • Hand-made sturdy gimmick INCLUDED
  • No one ever sees the gimmick or knows it's there
  • Access to Ellusionist Protected WINDOW FORUM to discuss new creative routines and performance notes

Pick which way gets 20 times the reaction.
The Erdnase change above, or doing the exact same thing to
a card with a massive pane of glass in the way.

*David Stone doesn’t really make the gimmicks, he’s too busy performing the trick to people who pay good money to see him. Your hand-made gimmick will be included in your package though, no worries.  :-)
Want to hear more about the effect and its creators? Listen to David Stone and Jean-Luc Bertrand talk about Window, the Paris magic scene, how they develop magic effects and why Jack Bauer is never seen going to the restroom.

Other Information about this Please visit their website and

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