Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Musical Piano Stairs

Escalator or the Amazing Piano Stairs?

Swedish designers create an amazing stairs for fun, with the musical sounds and Piano style. They also survey, for what the commuters will do and choose if they see this type of stairs.  There should be more of these great ideas to get people exercising more. If you ask me I will choose this really entertaining stairs rather than moving stairs haha.. and this can remove my stress while I am going to my work. but the sounds is annoying if lot of commuters will work here. and also this can help for those who really want  to create their new sound effect specially for all composers, they dont need to brought their keyboard to compose hahaha, It's awesome right. And, yet, part of me wonders how creepy this would be if you were descending into the subway alone late at night. Fa.. so..La..ti..Do!!..(^_^)!

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